JAMES A. OTTO, ESQ. has been a licensed and practicing attorney at law sing 1989.  He served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corp. from 1976 to 1980.


While preparing to enter law school, Jim Otto worked for Dillingham Construction Company in Pleasanton, California as a database manager. He worked in a team environment creating database software to be placed on job sites to assist in the management of the projects.


In 1986, Mr. Otto entered Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles, California.  He graduated in 1989 becoming a member of the California State Bar licensed to practice in federal and state courts.  Over the past 26 years, he handled over 2,000 cases aquiring extensive experience in litigation in various area such as appeals, business, employment practices, personal injuries, meditation, and trials.  From 1996 to 2003, Mr. Otto worked for the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing prsecuting violators of California's civil rights laws in both employment and housing.


In 2003, Mr. Otto opened his own law office in Northridge, California, and since then has emphasized cases involving civil rights and the Fair Employment and Housing Act.  He has never needed to advertise for clients because referrals from others created steady and profitable business.


Presently, Mr. Otto is prosecuting illegal job discrimination to protect American workers and green card holders from being excluded from the job market merely because they are Americans.  He has current legal actions against Disney Corporation, Screen Actors Guild, Molina Healthcare, Inc. and Cognizant Technology.